CBSE 2018 : Mathematics Question Paper Class 10

Download CBSE 2018 Maths class 10 board question paper that was held on 28 march 2018 is solved by expert teacher for (C.B.S.E.) students of 10 standards. Solving the previous year mathematics paper will clear your doubt; this 2018 maths paper will give you a kick start in your preparation for your final board examination.'

Students facing problem on solving the numerical, who struggle to complete the maths question paper on time are advised to solve previous year paper so that you get clear cut idea where you face the problem on answering the paper. You should always start Mathematics the paper form later sections that carry higher marks so those simple one mark questions are left towards the end of the paper.

Download 2018 CBSE Mathematics Board Previous Year Question Paper Class X

Central Board of Secondary Education Mathematics 2018 NCERT syllabus Maximum Marks 80, Time allowed 3 hours - quadratic equations, arithmetic progressions, circles, constructions, heights and distances, probability, lines (in two-dimensions), areas related to circles, surface areas and volumes.

Our highly qualified teachers of class 10 advice students download the Mathematics subject code – 041 question papers that are available for free download in PDF and practice the paper in school and home.

Download : Get Previous 10 Years Question Paper that will help you to get 100 marks in CBSE Class X board

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CBSE Mathematics 2018 CBSE Board Exam paper Class X – C.B.S.E. Download Free Online Question Paper. 

The previous year sample question paper 2017-2018 and Mathematics (SET-3) question bank that have been downloaded from will help students upgrade your 2018-2019 examination result, if you students practice this Mathematics sample paper will give you the pattern of question paper, help students in time management in math exam, gives you actual exam environment in all aspects. So teachers recommend you to download the Mathematics previous year sample paper and practice this sample paper at home and school, the model answers are available in the attached sheet in PDF for all CBSE X students and teachers.

Bonus : Get Previous 10 Years Question Paper that will help you to get 100 marks in CBSE Class X board

CBSE Board 2018-2019 : Blue Print / Syllabus of Mathematics

CBSE mathematics 2018 chapter wise weight-age is given below. Math 2018-2019 exam paper contains 30 questions divided into four sections A,B,C and D. Section A contains 6 question of one marks each. Section B contains 6 question of two marks each. Section C contains 10 question of three marks each. Section D contains 8 question of four marks each.

Mathematics Syllabus for CBSE Class 10

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