Career with a political science degree

Political Science generally involves the study of the government and its functions. It does not mean that you have to become a politician after studying. In this article, you will know about different types of career options and job growth in this field.

There are Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level degrees offered in political science. Students learn about different government works and how to develop policies by conducting different research and data analysis. You will get entry level jobs if you are undergraduate; therefore it is necessary to have a graduate degree. Students often participate in online courses and programs to gain more experience in this field.

There is a wide number of career opportunities available to graduates of political science degree programs. Some of them are:

Government and advocacy jobs

There are many government jobs ranging from city planning to CIA intelligence for political science degree holders. There are about 55% of political scientists working for the federal government and also jobs are available in local and state level. Being a political science holder you could also choose to become advocate or work on behalf of a cause or a community. You should have a complete knowledge of government policies in this profession. Having a specific knowledge in one particular field can influence in what kind of job one can pursue. Undergraduate students can complete their degree from the best online Political Science colleges for more career opportunities.

After the completion of the graduate degree, one can help political scientists. Most political scientist earns around $162,500 per year.

Law Career

Many undergrad students are hired by companies to understand several aspects of international government rules and to interpret political ideas with the use of analytical skills. A lawyer can also work at the corporate levels or for the public sector institutions. They can work as an advocate, judges, or district attorney. To become Lawyer you must pass state bar exam for applying in law school for the degree. Salary of a lawyer is around $ 115,820.

Lobbyist Professions

Those who have political science degree can find jobs lobbying the government on behalf of interest groups and non-government organizations. In this the individual works with various stages of government, negotiating with elected officials and fulfilling the goals of the client. In this career, it is not required to get a graduate degree but it will help you in getting the job. The normal salary for a Lobbyist is around $66,429.

Business Fields

If you are interested in business, then you can also go in the business field with this degree. You should have a good communication skill as well as a high understanding of mathematics and economics. Technical skills are also valued in this business profession. Lots of competition is there in this field and this can lead you to an advanced position in corporate management. The average salary is around $89,640 with 6% job growth.

There are many more job opportunities available in this field and growth is also high. You must decide before choosing your career path. If you want to study along with your career you can refer to thecollegemonk website where you can find the best online colleges for political science degrees.

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