ICSE 2018 Geography (H.C.G Paper 2) Question Paper for Class X

Download Free ICSE Board Geography paper of class 10 that was held on 12 March 2018 is in PDF and are solved by expert teachers for I.C.S.E. students. To clear the doubt students can download ICSE board 2017-2018 previous year Geography H.C.G. question paper-2 for the preparation of ICSE examination for 2019.
In this 2017-2018 ICSE Board Paper of Geography you can find answer of the sample question paper, Question bank, Very important and repeated question form 2017-2018 examination and Class X students & teachers can also download the online solution in PDF for free.

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ICSE Board 2018 class 10th Geography question paper page-02
ICSE Board 2018 class 10th Geography question paper page-03
ICSE Board 2018 class 10th Geography question paper page-04
ICSE Board 2018 class 10th Geography question paper page-05
ICSE Board 2018 class 10th Geography question paper page-06
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ICSE 2018 - Download Free (Geography) Board Question Paper for Class X

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The free Previous Year Paper (sample question paper) of Geography H.C.G. (History, Civics & Geography) is issued by Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (I.C.S.E.).
Geography syllabus for Class 10 for final examination - Map Work (Interpretation of Topographical Maps, Map of India, Mountains and Plateaus) Geography of India (Location, Extent and Physical features, The climate of India, Soils in India, Natural vegetation of India, Water Resources, Minerals in India, Agriculture in India, Industries in India, Transport and Waste generation and management).

Download : Get Previous 10 Years Question Paper that will help you to get 100 marks in ICSE Class X board

There is one paper of two hours duration carrying 80 marks and Internal Assessment of 20 marks. The Paper consists of two parts - Part I and Part II.
Part I (compulsory 30 Marks) consists of two questions. Question 1 is based on Topographical Map. Question 2 is based on outline Map of India.
In Part II (50 Marks), you are have to answer any five questions.
The Very important question and repeated question that ICSE Board gives each year in there examination are given below for students, parents and teachers you can view or download this solved answer sheet in PDF for the preparation for your class 10 board.

The previous 10 year question paper of Geography H.C.G. Paper-2 and question bank that have been issued by cisce.org will help students upgrade your 2018-2019 examination result, if you students practice this of Geography sample paper will give you the pattern of question paper, help students in time management in Paper 2 of Geography H.C.G. exam, gives you actual exam environment in all aspects. So i recommend you to download the paper and practice this sample paper at home and school, the model answers are available in the attached sheet in PDF for all ICSE X students and teachers.

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