Mathematics Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 - 2018

CBSE Mathematics 2018 question paper of class 12: In this article we have shared the 2018 examination question paper of maths. As Mathematics requires lots of practice of problems so that you can get the concept of each chapter and to boost your confident of solving questions you require a lot of practice but without looking the pattern and the way of questions asked in the final examination how can you be fully prepared.

So, students after practicing the NCERT book question we need to look at the pattern of the examination so what would be better than solving the last year 2018 paper. This will help you feel that you are solving the real exam paper and you get to know how the questions can be asked by CBSE, what are the important questions you can focus and you also get to know your weak point that you should focus more because very students have there own weak point.

Math is not an easy subject until you work on it, and one of the ways you can work is by start solving previous years maths question paper. Students can view and download the PDF of the 2018 Question paper and start your revision for the final examination and in the next article, we have shared the solved 2018 paper of maths. The solution link is also given below to download it in PDF for free.

Download and View Maths 2018 Question Paper of CBSE Class XII

Before looking or Downloading the Question paper look at the syllabus of maths class 12 all the questions where asked from the NCERT book and syllabus of was - Relations and Functions, Algebra, Calculus, Vectors, and 3-D Geometry, Linear Programming, Probability this is the 6 chapter that was asked by CBSE board and in 2019 exam the syllabus will be same.

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CBSE Mathematics 2018 CBSE Board Exam paper Class XII – C.B.S.E Download Free Online Question Paper. 

CBSE maths 10 plus 2 2018 paper gives students the important question form each chapter the students get to know the blueprint for 2018-2019 CBSE board examination.

The previous year mathematics paper of 2018 help students to upgrade results of 2019 by 60% in the final Board examination. The Specimen question paper of 2017-2018 help students as study material practice the board exam papers and the online model answer is available in the attached PDF sheet for students and teachers.

General Instructions: 2018 Maths Paper

The Mathematics 2018 CBSE question paper consists of 29 questions divided into four sections A,B,C and D. Section A comprises of 4 questions of one mark each, Section B comprises of 8 questions of two marks each, Section C comprises of 11 questions of four marks each and Section D comprises of 6 questions of six marks each.
All the question in Section A students are allowed in one words, one sentence or as per the exact requirement of the question.
There is no overall choice. However, internal choice has been provided in 2018 paper in 3 questions of four marks each and 3 questions of six marks each, students have to attempt only one of the alternatives in all such questions.

Mathematics 2018 Question Paper - Analytics

The question paper over all was an average one with very little tricky question have been asked. Students that not just mugged up the formula but also understand the application of the formula, who have a good sound up on their concepts have done pretty well in 2018 CBSE Examination.
Section A was the easiest one.
Section B was the new section introduce by CBSE this year that comprises of 2 marks question the question was straight forward form the Mathematics NCERT book.
Section C was the important section with slightly tricky question that you felt easy initially but ones you start solving you were stuck or you took lot of time.
Section D was the easiest one, it was relatively easy form past 3 year question paper with very scoring one’s and with very standard question have been asked.

Class 12 Math Important Questions / Repeated Question

1. If for any 2X2 matrix A, A(adjA)= {[8 0] [0 8]}, then write the value of |A|.
2017, 2016, 2013
2. Write the direction ratios of the following line : X= -3, (y-4)/3 = (2-z)/1
2015, 2013

CBSE 2018: Mathematics Chapter Wise Marking Pattern

S.No. Chapter Marks
I Relations and Functions 10
II Algebra 13
III Calculus 44
IV Vectors and Three - Dimensional Geometry 17
V Linear Programming 06
VI Probability 10
Total 100

This are some tools that 10 years question paper try to provide to the students of Delhi and Outside Delhi India (all region) preparing for 2018-2019 CBSE mathematics Board Exam. “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DON’T GIVE UP. “