ISC Board 2018 : Computer Science Practical Question Paper for Class XII

Download ISC board Class 12 Computer Science (Practical) 8 February 2018 question paper solved by expert teachers for ISC students. Computer Science sample paper have been issued by Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (I.S.C.) 2017-2018. Computer Science ISC board syllabus for class XII was Boolean Algebra, Computer Hardware, Implementation of algorithms to solve, Programming in Java, Objects, Primitive values, wrapper classes, types and casting, Variables, expressions, Statements, scope, Functions, Arrays, stringsInheritance, polymorphism, data structures, computational complexity and ISC Computer Science important question and ISC Computer Science previous years question bank.

ISC 2018: Download Free Computer Science Practical paper-2 for Class XII

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ISC 2018 class 12th Computer Science Practical question paper
ISC 2018 class 12th Computer Science Practical question paper
ISC 2018 class 12th Computer Science Practical question paper
ISC 2018 class 12th Computer Science Practical question paper
ISC 2018 class 12th Computer Science Practical question paper

ISC 2017-2018: Computer (Practical) solved ISC Board Exam paper Class 12th – I.S.C Download Free Online Question Paper. 

ISC INDIA CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), The previous year specimen question paper of 2018 and question bank will help to upgrade your ISC 2018-2019 examination results, practice the solved isc board Computer Science Practical exam papers, The last 10 years Question Paper of 2018 and online model answers of Computer Science Practical 2017-2018 are available in the attached sheet in PDF for students and teachers.

ISC Computer Science Practical 2018 board Question Paper have been uploaded by Divyansh Gupta. Upload Board paper and earn up toRs 50.

On Analyzing the Board Computer Science Practical 2018 Question Paper
Computer Science Practical 2018 board question PAPER II – Practical – 30 MARKS. The paper shall consist of three programming problems from which a candidate has to attempt any one. The practical consists of the two parts:
1. Planning Session: The candidates will be required to prepare an algorithm and a hand written Java program to solve the problem.
2. Examination Session

Marks (out of a total of 30) should be distributed as given below:
Continuous Evaluation:
Programming assignments done throughout the year (Internal evaluation) - 5 marks
Programming assignments done throughout the year(Visiting Examiner) - 5 marks
Terminal Evaluation: Solution to programming problem on the computer - 17 marks
Viva-voce:- 3 marks

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