Preparing for JEE Advanced ? Common Preparation mistakes to avoid.

Preparing for JEE Advanced ? Common Preparation mistakes to avoid

IITs are considered as “The Dream Destination” for every student who wish to become an engineer one day. It is said “ You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself into one.” I truly believed and worshipped it to embark my journey of becoming an IITian. This journey involve studying & preparing rigorously for two years for JEE Advance. As a hardworking and self studying aspirant, I was still not able to crack JEE Advance although I had been a consistent topper throughout my academics.

Disheartening as it may sound but I soon was trying to find an answer as to “What went wrong?” I came to realize that I have probably committed more mistakes than improving on my preparation. With the same lesson in mind that I am writing this article on the common preparation mistakes that all aspirants should avoid while preparing for JEE Advanced.

Hard Work vs Smart Work: If you only work hard, you will enjoy better sense of accomplishment, will feel more confident in what you have done, and you will receive much more respect for the work put forth with nothing real in hands. But if you learn to work smart , you will be effective to do more in less time. You can easily select as to what to prepare and how to prepare This will help you to focus on more important tasks. Like practicing more number of question in a stipulated time. Also, learn to develop them both. Sometimes simultaneously but most of the time you can do them in succession. Try first being a hard worker and then enjoy being the smart worker. But don’t forget, you always need to start with Hard work.

All Reference Books are not the Best friends: Be selective with what books you follow. Also, don't study too many books at the same time. NCERTs are mandatory. Rest you can follow one good theory book , may be one or two decent practice books along with regular practice tests. Studying from too many books will only increase your burden.

Be consistent with Success Graph: Regularity in the study routine along with consistent analysis of your test performance is very mandatory. Your success graph ie your performance in practice tests should not fall. Remember “ If it doesn't rise, don’t let it fall. “. Consistency plays an important role in your hard work and in your performance in an exam.Also, JEE Advanced is considered as one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in the world so get serious and stay consistent with the habit of regular study.

Diversity in Topics is the Key: Some students are good at Mechanics and others at Electrostatics. Many of youenjoy Mathematics but when it comes to physics, yourfeets get cold. What i m trying to say is that your strategy should not involve only studying those subjects which u are already in love with. Also, do not focus more on to prepare what you know well. Instead spare some time to focus on your weaker subject or topic. I am not saying not to prepare the topics you are good at but also focus on what you are weak at.

Previous Year Paper are the only saviour: Analysis of Previous year Paper will tell you virtually everything you need to know about your preparations. It's always important to know how far we have come in our preparation journey. Also, it will help you to get familiarize with JEE Advance pattern and their difficulty level.

Procrastination is the only and the worst enemy: Procrastination is biggest hurdle for the students. I must agree that we have all faced it at one point or another. But, Open your eyes guys and wake up now. Always remember the quote " there is no tomorrow ". So, think practically and start studying . Don't postpone your preparation for tomorrow. The more you delay , the farther you are from your goal. So, study today & finish instead of building extra pressure for tomorrow.

Avoid Drowning in Demotivation: Mistakes and failures are an integral part of success path. They may bring a bad day for you but don’t let that day to have significant effect on you specifically on your preparation plan. Remember “ Don’t see failure as the end. This failure is just an obstacle to get round on the route to your ultimate goal.”

Be a critic - Fall in love with finding mistakes: I made this very mistake. I was so afraid of failures that I never evaluated my papers. And as a result of which, i always lost marks in silly mistakes. So, whenever you are done with test/paper, make sure you evaluate each and every question where you might have committed a mistake. This can save lot of marks for you which you might have lost in negative marking. I drowned in my JEE because i was never a critic. I was too busy solving questions but couldn’t focus on revising and evaluating my mistake.

Break monotonicity: JEE Advanced preparation is not a one day role. The path is not a bed of roses that you will enjoy. There will be roads that might break you or may bore you. No one likes being in books all day. But you need to be around books for the rest of your two years. Your routine will include only studying, eating and sleeping mostly. This may turn out to be monotonous and there are high chances that it will leave you frustrated. You may face momentary depression and extreme frustration. But just trust the fact that every effort of yours will soon reap good fruits. Just build the eyes to see it through. So what should we do about Monotonicity? Well add another element to your day simple. That means just give freedom to you to study when you want to, and more importantly what you want and above all where you want to. Means, study intelligently and avoid monotony in any aspect of your preparation. Go out and study in your balcony, may be your parents room. Watch football/ TV shows for some time in your break. Try playing some sport too. Or may be off for a stroll. Basically, just indulge yourself in some activity between two long study sessions.

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