8 Top Tips to Score The Highest Marks in Exams

You will surely feel helped with these 8 TOP TIPS TO SCORE HIGHEST MARKS in the exam. So, check out and apply these tips in your exams.To the famous questions by students How to score highest marks in exams? or Tips for scoring good marks in board exam? or How to score excellent marks in exams? or ways to score good marks in exams in this post i will show you all how to get prepare for your exams.

always feel positive

saty positive

Positive attitude is the key to solve many of the problems which you face in your life. During exam time, this is an important feature to have in you for success and crack your exams with flying colours. Attitude is important for all students because it reflects your personality as well as your confidence or self-confidence. It always takes you to the top of everything, whether it is for exams or interviews or for your life Positive attitude will take you through the door of success and make you feel full of self-confidence.
You must make a schedule for your studies followed by strict implementation of that schedule. Make that schedule detailing days or even hours when your exams are really close or it is high time for your exam.

plan well for studying

plan well for studyingYou must interact with your teachers for the important topics or topics which need more hard work or more time than other topics. Use last years' exam papers or sample papers for making a proper schedule for your studies. You must study more or give more attention to the topics in which you feel you are not up to the mark or which your teachers recommended you to study more. You should study these topics first during your exam preparation.

just before the exam

Never try to read anything or to study or cram just before the exam time, even if your friend asks you for some topic he has missed or left during preparation for the exams. Close your book an hour before the exam starts and feel relaxed and worry free and full of self-confidence. Also get up early in the morning and take another review of the important topics and make yourself filled with confidence, as confidence is the main key to score well. The night before the exam you should sleep as soon as possible to make your brain as well as bodies relax a bit and to be well prepared for the exams, as our brain too needs a rest to be fresh for the exam.

during exam time

Check out all the things you require during exam time i.e., pen, pencil, sketch pens, Rubber, sharpener. Each and every thing, whether it is small or big, matters a lot during your exam time. Read all the instructions carefully before starting the paper and keep them in your mind during exam time. Don't make any foolish mistake regarding your exam paper instructions.

attempting the examination paper  

Read out all the questions carefully before writing anything on the answer sheet and always start your answering from the questions which will carry maximum marks as well as which you think are tougher or need much time to think. When you start the exam from small questions. you will always feel the problem of questions left. So. That’s why time management is very much important during exams. You can write small questions even in the last 30 minutes but you will never be able to write enough for the large questions at the end. Which will eventually result in sadness 
when you fell stuck during the exam

There will also come a moment in your exam when you feel stuck with some questions or a single question. You just need to be relaxed and calm, don't panic in that situation and make yourself confident and try to think about the answer with a cool mind.
 If you are not feeling like giving that answer at that time, make any sign or mark that question with pen and move or to the next question and try doing that question after you finish your paper but are still left with time.
Never try to think about the 'stuck' question when you are writing the answer to any other question. This will reduce your concentration and when you feel no way out, Just make a guess and attempt that question. This will leave you with something in the space you left for that question. 
answer sheet should be neat and clean

Handwriting matters a lot for good or highest marks during your exam, as your writing makes the first impression on the checker's mind and makes your answer sheet more filled with a glow for the examiner or checker of the answer sheet.
 Underline the lines you feel important and want to attract the examiner's attention towards so that heisne Can be able to make a right mindset about the answer  given and also reward you with the full or maximum marks.

after completion of exam paper

When you end the exam paper, don't feel like running out of the examination hall. Sit there and review each and every answer before depositing your answer book with the invigilator. Also, look for the questions you left during answering or in which you got stuck. Search for the mistakes you have done during writing and turn towards the hardest question you think and also feel uncomfortable 'n answering. Review it and look to add any other important lines you missed I' in that.